Potted Arrangements

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Residential / Commercial

We can handle all your live plant needs, whether it's that special planter you've had for awhile, or your looking for something new.

We help by educating 'you' the customer about your plant characteristics, like soil moisture, micro-nutrients, sun/light conditions & watering schedules. Then we can customize a Maintenance Program that accommodates your needs, as well as the plants.

Moe has the Plants & Planters you need.

Beauty is only Soil Deep

Make your landscape stand out with vibrant annual flowers, flowering shrubs and flowering trees. We carry vinca flowers, peonies, chrysanthemum plants, tulips, wisteria plants, bougainvillea, viburnum, gardenia, azalea plants and more. Want a garden that gives back? Add fruit trees, or do some serious vegetable gardening with our array of herb plants and vegetable plants. Consider fast-growing shrubs to protect your yard from pests and add privacy.

Seasonal Plantings

Nothing can enhance a home's beauty quite like healthy, growing plants. We can assist you in choosing the right plants for your gardening needs, from annuals to perennials, including shrubs, trees and tropical plants. Don't forget those special garden plants like cacti and succulents that make great house plants.

Landscapers are NOT all the same

Create the perfect combination of annual flowers and perennial ground cover with perennial grasses. Whether its partial or full sun perennials, we will make your yard beautiful year-round. Planted or hanging ferns add greenery to your deck or garden. Maybe add a pop of color to an entryway or wall with a wisteria trellis. If you live in an environment where only the toughest plants grow, we also carry a selection of beautiful potted plants and exotic plants for your home nursery like bonsai trees, bamboo plants, spider plants, snake plants and yucca plants.

Succulent Arrangements

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Succulent Gardening

If you love succulents as much as us, then we will be glad to help you out, hire us today for all your planting needs.

Growing succulents could be tricky, especially Indoors, choosing succulents with the correct light conditions in mind is typically where problems occur. Some succulents prefer low light and will make a huge difference in whether or not success occurs for your indoor succulent garden. 


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